About Us

about Cut Rag Processor

Who we are

Cut Rag Processors (Private) Limited was formed in February 2000 as the first independent cut rag production facility in Zimbabwe for both export and domestic markets. Initially located at Auckland Road complex in Harare for 12 years, the company has relocated to a new base of operations at Bryce Road complex in Harare where it operates to date.

Currently Cut Rag Processors service most of the local cigarette producer's needs in Zimbabwe, in terms of cutting of their various blends, as well as catering to a multitude of cut rag blends for customers worldwide through Third Party orders.


For our blends to speak for themselves, spoken as a whisper, heard as a roar.


To create global unrivalled blends that are professionally sourced and passionately cultivated and grown.

What we do

Our production plant has two separate yet equally important lines, one for lamina processing and the other for stem processing; the plant is utilizing the latest modern computerized processing systems, fully equipped labs and stores which enables us to produce and manufacture cut rag tobacco according to customer requirements and clients order's specifications in the processing.